Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Other People's Coolness

Getting ready to go to PAX East later this week, and after my week of (still lingering) plague, it's a bit rushed, so I'm going to cheat a bit today and point to some other cool stuff out there.

First, my friend Fred has started with the A part of his Q&A posts over at Deadly Fredly. This is pretty neat to watch, and I admit that I may be tempted to try the same thing sometime. Also, to add my two bits to Question #2 - I think Scion already does Percy Jackson well enough that I'd be hard pressed to try it without feeling like I'm reinventing the wheel.

Next, for other folks looking at the upcoming con experience, Ryan Macklin made a very useful post about the con kit, chock full of useful advice in the comments. If you're also hitting the road to be in a hotel full of nerds, it's worth a read.

I don't currently have a gaming PC (which is good for my free time) but after seeing the trailer for the new Alice: Madness Returns I admit I would be tempted to get one. A modern updating of America McGee's Alice that maybe delivers on the promise of the original? Yes please. Thankfully, it looks like it'll also be out for the xbox, so I don't need a new rig just for it.

Chris Dias wrote a very interesting open letter to WOTC regarding openness to 3rd party publishers. It's a good read, and he hits a lot of points I'm intimately familiar with from our own experience with One Bad Egg. I have no real hope for 4e openness - to go open would require a certain kind of business model which wouldn't really match WOTCs current habits - but it's a good argument all the same.

It's never a surprise when John Harper does something awesome, and these Leverage character sheets are no exception. I hopefully will have a stack of them printed before PAX.

I mentioned them earlier, but I want to shout out to Transneptune games and d20 Pro, both of which have earned spots on my feedreader.

Anyway, all good and worthy things to check out. As for the rest of you, what should I be keeping my eyes open for at PAX? I'm going as a nerd, not a pro, and I admit the prospect of not having a booth to man feels absolutely liberating.


  1. My experience with Scion was really negative. I don't think I'd use it for Percy Jackson at all, not only because the specific mechanics in SCION: HERO were problematic (and I'm not really a Storyteller guy) but because it doesn't sing YA at me. I know a YA game is like the next holy grail, of course.

  2. I struggled with the Scion system a lot more than I did with any other Storyteller system iteration, and I AM a big Storyteller guy.

    I have a Scion game on the back burner, but Cam, you should Watch This Space, er, on story-games, because it will blow your miiiiind man.



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