Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hitting the Road

I have never been to PAX East before and I genuinely have no idea what to expect. If the projected attendance numbers are any indicator, this is going to run the risk of being positively overwhelming. I am, I think, very grateful that I'm focused on the fringier elements of nerd-dom, if only to avoid that.

This will also be the first non-Dreamation/Dexcon in some time where I'm not responsible for a booth. That alone promises to be kind of interesting.

However, there's a long drive between here and there. I'll have good company - Fred's heading up with me - but it's long all the same. Long enough that, between leaving early and prep, you mostly get a glorified announcement that I'm heading up to PAX in lieu of a real post.


  1. You'll have stories to tell us when you get back. Have a good time. I know you will have something to teach us when you get back. It seems I learn something at least every week from your writing and more often every day.

  2. I'd love to be a fly on the, er, car wall and listen in to what you and Fred discuss. Maybe we could have a follow-up post about that...?

  3. Those Fred and Rob road trips create all manner of mighty things. I fear what this one may spawn.

  4. Have fun! I too look forward to what new fun monster emerges from the journey.

  5. At least one small PDF product was born, but the trip was mostly low key (though we did listen to two Louis Ck albums, much to our enrichment). Trip back is the curious one.

    But one way or another, whatever is discussed will probably make its way here.


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