Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sufficiently sick that I have only just woken up and, as soon as this posts, am going back to bed. Thankfully, Fred is on fire, and you should do two things:

1. Go read him asking "Your Game is Indie, So What?"

2. See if you can squeeze into Total Transparency Tuesday, where Fred is answering all questions thrown his way.

Wish me luck and powerful medication.

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  1. Get better soon! The plagues going around, they do suck the life out of you.

    I may not understand tumblr at all, but I don't see any way to comment on that post of Fred's.

    Being called "indie" is often a negative for myself and some of my friends. "Indie" means "super arrogant game designer who is going to crap on other games every 3rd page". Indie means the same designer constantly telling me how awesome their game is. A lot of indie games seem to fall into that pattern.

    I don't care if the designer hates other game designers, or other games, or if they've decided that every other game designer out there is somehow "working for the man". What I want is clever, clearly written, playable game mechanics. Use the rulebook to teach me how to play your game well, and if I like the mechanics, I'll buy it, and tell my friends. Even if I don't think the mechanics would work for a game I would run, if the book is good, I'll talk about it. :)


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