Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Games

For labor day, I want to celebrate the work of my wife[1] who managed to organize my game collection from something like this:

Into this:

Shelf by Shelf breakdown follows for those nerdy enough to care.

It's been crazy, as I've been discovering games I had no idea I had.

Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend. See you tomorrow!

1 - My wife has informed me that much of the credit belongs to my friend Kim, so I expand the shout out!


  1. It must be the weekend for it. My wife unpacked all of my RPG books and shelved them in our walk-in closet. Of course, mine take up a little less space, as every once in a while I do a gigantic purge.

  2. My husband is a librarian, so ours are already locked glass door Ikea cabinets - to protect them from our toddlers. Our big purge came three years ago when a fire destroyed half our collection stored in plastic bins in a storage shed. :(

  3. Very nice. My hope is to do this one day. For now, with two small children, most of my non-active books are plastic tubs, with my active books up on the top shelves of a few bookcases.

  4. Very Nice, I like the alphabetical dividers. I did something similar with my DVDs...

    Of course they are genre

  5. Heh - I started to read this and go, HEY!! But I'm glad you are pleased with it!


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