Monday, April 5, 2010

Done is the Enemy of Suck

So, it's been a pretty awesome weekend for new things. The iPad was released[1], The new Doctor Who was one[2] and the weather was pretty nice as well. It's auspicious for one more piece of awesome.

The Dresden Files RPG pre-order has begun.

It's 2 books, ($50 and $40 respectively - not cheap, I know, but the level of production going into these things is crazy) but more importantly, the preorder price is for a print+pdf bundle. Folks who order it now can start reading it right away.[3] So far, impressions seem to be pretty good, as I would imagine they would be. Even setting aside my obvious bias, I'm quite sure this is a pretty badass game. If nothing else, I am absolutley chomping atthe bit to get my hands on a physical copy.

Lest I be entirely self serving, let me mention another pair of good an worthwhile pre-orders. Daniel Solis's Happy Birthday Robot and David Hill's Maschine Zeit are both using Kickstarter to get their initial funding through a preorder process. Both games (deservedly) hit their marks within 24 hours of going up, but offer further incentives for continued interest. Daniel is sending extra copies of the game to Kids Need To Game based on how far over he goes, and David's offered to profoundly embarrass himself if he should manage to double his goal.

It's a lot of good stuff, I know, all without mentioning White Wolf's hilarious April Fools Day product, Dudes of Legend[4]. Sometimes the internet is a bit of a cesspool, but this week, she is sharing her bounty, and it is lovely.

1 - I got my wife one for her birthday, so I've only been able to play with it a little, but so far it really seems fun and useful.

2 - So, I was never much of a Who fan until the recent revival, which makes me worry every time people who apparently hated the new stuff like this new Doctor. But then I remember that people just like to hate things, it doesn't actually mean anything useful.

3 - And reports indicate that the goodreads PDF reader, which plays nicely with dropbox, makes for some good reading on the iPad. Just saying.

4 - The link is adult content because the book is more than a little bit saucy. The ever-magnificent Chuck Wendig was basically given free rein to write the most over-the-top, stereotype-driven Word of Darkness Supplement imaginable. It has sex, drugs, katanas and desert eagles, and that's the nice stuff.
If you ever saw their previous satire product, Exxxalted, you may have a hunch regarding what to expect.


  1. Goodreader is excellent AND its currently 99 Cents. I appreciate the tip about Dropbox, but Goodreader also lets your iPad become a network drive.

  2. I'm told Goodreader also has integration with Dropbox. Yes?

  3. @Fred: Yes, you can access your Dropbox account directly from the Goodreader client. Works great once you've set it up.


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